Our Story

La Prima Pizza Vanalinn is our main restaurant comprising all our best ideas, taste experiences and emotions related to the Italian cuisine.

Our menu is created on the basis of the inspiration proceeding from Italy and developed in tune with Nordic tastes.
Our goal has been to create a catering facility, where you can quickly have simple but high-quality food during the day. In the evening the place is turned into a romantic Italian restaurant and at night the place becomes a cosy wine bar, where people can pleasantly spend their time, listen to Italian musicians live and perfectly enjoy their leisure time.

We opened the doors of our main restaurant La Prima Pizza Vanalinn on the 25th of December, 2019.
We consider high quality raw material, natural simple tastes, cosy atmosphere and friendly but professional service important. Our personnel is selected with care so that they are able to present our vision of the ideal La Prima Pizza.
It is a place, where you forget the everyday routine.
It is a place comprising a bit of Tuscany sunshine, warmth and hospitality.
It is a place, where you feel that you are expected, where you can have positive communication, and wonderful genuine taste experience.
It is a place, where you always want to return to!
Our chefs Ivan and Jevgeni are real professionals with a long-term Italian restaurant experience, who prepare Italian food with real passion.
The raw material used is genuine and fair.
We bring a great part of the raw material used from Italy: including Mozzarella Fior di Latte, Stacciatella, Burrata, different pastas, truffles, salami and meat products. It is just in order to provide authentic taste experience.
Our recipes are compiled on the basis of personal taste preferences. Having spent a lot of time in Italy, we have collected all the best taste experiences and created the menu of the La Prima Pizza Restaurant based on them. This way we can guarantee the visitors the utmost satisfaction. Going to the La Prima Vanalinn restaurant is like coming on a visit.
The menu of the La Prima Pizza Vanalinn definitely offers something for everybody.
The product range naturally includes Pizzas – we have adjusted the regular menu of the La Prima Pizza and added 2 wonderful Pizzas – the savoury N’duja from Calabria and Stracchiatella Pizza and the Burrata Pizza with fresh salad.
In addition to Pizzas many other things can be found here! Starters include light bruschettas with chicken liver pate prepared on site, with grilled vegetables and Stracchiatella cheese and bruschettas with tomato. Antipasti include different types of Italian cheese, salami and meat plate or a mix of them – an ideal starter for dinner or a later light snack with wine.
Blue mussels with classical tomato sauce or white wine, cream and fencoli. Cote Frutti di Mare – delicate seafood with herbs. Salads – Burrata with savoury anchovies and roasted tomatoes, Stracchiatella with fresh green salad and light gaspacho with mozzarella made of buffalo milk. Pastas – the high-quality harsh Italian pasta is used so the taste of the sauce can better blend with the taste of pasta and the taste experience is more enjoyable! Pasta with seafood, spicy N’duja and Stracchiatella, classical Carbonara made of the eggs of happy hens and Italian Speck and of course our pearl – Pasta with black truffle.
Our menu includes food prepared on a hot lava stone – tentacle of the giant squid, Tiger shrimp, duck and Angus filet. These dished are served on a 400 C hot stone plate so that the clients can cook the food by themselves.
Our desserts include Tiramisu made according to a recipe from Pisa, classical Tuscany dessert wine Vin Santot with Cantucci biscuits, Gelato and a range of cakes made by our pastry-cooks.
In the middle of the La Prima Pizza Vanalinn, there is a 50-year-old lemon tree brought from the beautiful sunnu of Tuscany. We take good care of it – guarantee adequate moisture, minerals and light. It is the soul of our restaurant – highly respected and with good aura.
In the interior design of our restaurant we have used a lot of Estonian design. For example, the glazed decorative tiles of our Pizza Oven (more than 2000 pieces!) and the washbasin are made by Eesti Keraamikakoda. The wallpaper with lemons by the entrance is designed by Rita Assor. The clothes rack, where the clients can hang their coats is made by Tamma Design. The furniture, table boards and shelves are made by Berg.
Our service personnel wear dresses designed by Mammu Couture.
The story of La Prima Pizza begins in the year 2013, when me and my spouse decided to change the Pizza Culture in Estonia. Our aim was to create a fast food Pizza Place with high restaurant quality. We thoroughly studied Italian Pizza traditions, the choice of raw materials and the dough recipes.
Our Pizza dough is leavened for 12 hours before Pizza is made of it. We make our Pizza sauce by balancing its acidity and taste. We bring fresh Mozzarella Fior di Latte from Italy. The entire raw material is on Premium quality level and fresh – everything is sliced on site.